Panel - Co-creating in the internet age:
Communities, knowledge sourcing and randomness.

IAM Pop-Ups: London hosted by Feedback Loop (@RCAvisualcomm)


“Internet shapes collective intuition. The unconscious influence of networks challenges the story of the genius behind creative industries, and stimulate the scenius behind open ecosystems. We cultivate scenius, because together we can generate radical creativity in unexpected ways.”
--- Internet Age Media manifesto.

Because internet’s randomness is better when shared IRL, Internet Age Media’s co-founder Andres Colmenares is flying from Barcelona to co-host a forum with me Annelise Keestra. Together with guests Pip Jamieson and Ben Stopher, we will be discussing co-creation, community and knowledge sourcing in the internet age, by tackling open source, creative technologies, assisted creation, generative design, and the construction of online communities bridging the gap from URL to IRL.

How is the internet changing the way we generate creativity, and build critical creative networks?

What is the value of the designer in the context of a democratised creativity, or of assisted creation?

What is the benefit for online communities to engage IRL?


Andres Colmenares is the co-founder of Internet Age Media, an online and offline platform which connects the futures of media, education and arts.

Pip Jamieson is an entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of, and the founder of, which are both job-hunting hubs for creatives to connect to real world opportunities, as well as to promote themselves online.

Ben Stopher is an IED PhD researcher, a designer, and a visual and interactive design programme leader. Ben looks at how global digital culture influences our design culture, and researches models of distributed collaborative practice, through speculative and generative design. Ben was also a co-organiser of London's first Maker Faire.